Chic and shocking,
severe and passionate...
A woman being a woman
by Thierry Mugler

I adore strict, flawless women
who are capable of going
to extremes…
Thierry Mugler

In red, white and black

A presence, an impetus Mesmeric

The Couture allure

Grain de poudre around a cinched waist Gold lamé on finely shaped hips « Diamond » on an embroidered bustle The hand-stitched attitude

Hot and cold, on display

Tight-fitting suit, slit-front sheath dress, backless dress... Alternating between sensuality and austerity
Its runway shows captivate and excite Extreme
feminity resonates

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Photo credits:

Patrice Stable - Thierry Mugler
Models : Helena Barquilla, Erica Van Briel et Irina Pantaleiva

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