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Thierry Mugler is committed to helping the planet. The brand has boldly and intentionally set itself apart: The Source (a modern-day perfume refilling station), eco-refill bottles, its responsible fragrance Womanity and the support it gives to the Pur Projet collective (which works to promote the protection of biodiversity) are all examples of this new type of luxury. A new voice is emerging.

The Source, the bottle and the intoxication

Refilling perfume bottles was once a tradition of the past. It is now an innovative new ritual. The Source was created to allow customers to refill their precious glass perfume bottles directly in stores. It is also environmentally-friendly and saves the client money. And much more... Entrust your bottle of Angel, Alien or Womanity to a consultant who will place it under the tapered cartridge protecting the fragrance from air and light. Enjoy every drop of the precious perfume and also being pampered by a personalized treatment. With the flourish of an expert hand, the refilling ritual enhances the bottle's prestige. The process brings the client closer to the brand while providing him or her with information and personalized advice. Service. Luxury.

Eco-refills: eternity in your hands

Prolonging the refilling experience is now a dream turned reality. With eco-refills or refill bottles available for Angel, Alien and Womanity fragrances, customers may refill their original bottles in the comfort of their own homes, and can continue to do so for years to come.

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Womanity, the first environmentally responsible perfume

Thierry Mugler desired to create a bold fragrance that would accompany women in everything they do. The brand then developed a tender fragrance with positive energy that connects all types of femininity. This is Womanity. It is responsible, naturally. An in-depth environmental study was conducted in order to limit its impact on the environment with primarily local production, limited transportation, a box made from recycled and recyclable cardboard, and refillable bottles that may be disassembled to encourage waste sorting. This is fragrance done intelligently and responsably.

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Pur Projet, a noble cause

Protecting biodiversity: A cause that Thierry Mugler fully supports. As part of the Pur Projet, a group committed to fighting global warming, the brand is involved in a huge environmental project to reforest and conserve the Amazonian rainforest in the north of Peru, protect the ancestral expertise of the local populations, and more.

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