The Maison Mugler TEST

Making everyday life extraordinary

Since opening his house in 1974, the designer has given his imagination free rein and expressed his creativity in several different artistic fields. Day after day, he works to create a world that blends fantasy, extravagance and experimentation. It is a futuristic space and time in which the strength of the unexpected, the power of audacity, and creativity that knows no bounds take flight. It is a place where metamorphosis reigns.

Luxury is the freedom of becoming something or someone else, the pleasure of making yourself known without revealing what's within. Thierry mugler

Mr. Mugler

An instinctive, free-thinking
and inspired visionary

TThierry Mugler imagines, creates and experiments freely in all areas, including fashion, fragrance, photography, short films, live performances and directing.

Behind the Scenes

Enter in the universe

Go backstage at Mugler, as if you were right there! Enter the extraordinary universe of Mugler and discover its expertise, with just a few clicks.


Couture themes

A collection of dualities characterize Couture by Thierry Mugler, such as a freedom and rigor, visions and observations, overdose and structure, excess and detail, etc.

The Mugler spirit

Three sequences

The story of the brand and its founder are inextricably linked. There is only one name for them: Thierry Mugler. A number of words describe their values: boldness, myths, duality, architecture, theatrics, provocation and vision.

The Mugler spirit


Luxury done differently

Discover sustainable and respectful luxury by Mugler, or “The art and practice”

Source perfume fountains, Eco-Refills, the eco-design of Womanity perfume, support to the Pur Projet program to protect biodiversity: Thierry Mugler is committed to a responsible approach to luxury.

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