After you see her, you'll never be the same

The Mythreinvented

In the middle of a mysterious incandesecent desert, there is a light. Beautiful and strange...
Alien, the daughter of the Sun, is the source.
Half-woman, half-goddess, she gives life to a flower of the future, exquisite and luminous. A miracle. The sun rises on a world of light.

The hope of the greatest mornings is born. A new femininity dawns: Alien Flora Futura. A creation of precious optimism. Everything becomes possible: loving, believing, dreaming, expressing yoursel...

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The perfume and itsrevelations

Futuristic and enticing, the Eau de Toilette explores Alien’s new fragrance realm, in three key ingredients and just as many revelations.

Crisp Hitherto unused in perfumery, Buddha’s Hand reveals green, aqueous notes. The citrus fruit’s pulp and zest confer a never-seen-before acidic spark upon the perfume. Good enough to eat.

Floral revelation In a long night of the soul, the “Queen of the Night” cactus flower emanates fresh, opulent, and modern inflections. A futuristic frisson, instead of the mythical Jasmine: a first.

Velvety The Sandalwood offers up a new Alien signature. The caress of the original White Amber replaces the sensual and intoxicating sweetness of this rare material.


A preciousbottle

Alien Flora Futura is full of dreams. Just like its talisman-bottle. Colored an evermore feminine orangey pink, it resembles the sky at daybreak. New mornings begin. Ready for happy days that are full of optimism.

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