Alien is inspired by my mythical imaginary journeys that unite the origins of the world with a glorious future. Alien invites you to explore the strange and the extraordinary, and to see through the impenetrable.

The strange andthe extraordinary

Each woman holds something mysterious within her. A uniqueness, intimate, profound: an infinite source of beauty and singularity. This humanity, which asks only to shine, is revealed to the world by Alien. In one gesture, this mythical perfume radiates with the light of a thousand stars. When this Other is revealed, new mornings take shape. A promise from a glowing world dawns. A new, hopeful day breaks. Another world awakens...

More than a revelation, it is a reinvention created by Alien.


The Fragrance and itsrevelations

Alien radiates light. In its wake, women glow.
Heady and strong, the fragrance exposes their beauty, their uniqueness, their humanity, in three revelations: radiant, mysterious, and enticing.

Radiant Sunny Sambac Jasmine. The fragility of this “summer flower” from the Indies contrasts with the power of its fragrance. A miracle. At the tip of its petals is the promise of a sacred femininity.

Mysterious Enigmatic Cashmeran Wood. Warmed by an intense sun, this exotic product exudes captivating musky notes. The senses mix together...

Embracing Reassuring White Amber. Thierry Mugler imagined this ingredient of timeless modernity, at once soft and smooth, as a “white mohair”. Hope is born from its comfort.

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Perfumes that glow witha thousand lights

The Talisman-Bottle

Alien entices as much as it appeases. Just like its bottle. Built like an emerald, set with gold like a diamond, it is made to be precious. The color of amethyst, slightly translucent, it glows with a vibrant, comforting light. But there is something strange engraved in the glass, in an unknown alphabet: Alien. A mysterious, timeless bottle, for an iconic perfume that is outside of time.


The Alien bottle brings hope. Separating the two is unthinkable. Inspired by the perfume fountains of old, MUGLER has created the Source for refilling at MUGLER counters, as well as the refill bottles to replenish its “precious Alien stones” at home. The legend has now become eternal.

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