Smells like cruise spirit! Embark on an exclusive Angel trip with a new and addictive Limited Edition: Angel Eau Croisière. Fruity and creamy, this Eau de Toilette will feel like a long drink on a sun-bathed deck chair.

angel eau croisiere
 An exotic delicacy

An exotic delicacy

Luminous and rounded, Angel Eau Croisière is a sunny blend of fragrances. Its energizing facet creates a sparkling cocktail of luscious mango, juicy grapefruit and blackcurrant sorbet. Its voluptuous facet is reminiscent of Angel’s Gourmand signature with rich notes of patchouli and praline. Embodying refined yet care-free evasion, Angel Eau Croisière gives a fresh take on cruise spirit.

Cocktail dress only

MUGLER drapes the emblematic Angel star in pop colors of sunset and cocktail glamour. Meanwhile, the iconic blue case is revisited with subtle sailor stripes and a porthole gazing out on the sea. Let Angel Eau Croisière take you places.

The perfect scent to wrap yourself in for a future escape… Where will the next destination be?

 An exotic delicacy

Angel Galaxy

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 Angel<br/> eau de parfum

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 Angel<br/> eco-refill bottle


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